The Different Variations of Baccarat

Despite all the glamour and glitz that is attached to it, the game of baccarat is very much a simple and a straightforward game to play. This is why it is surprising that even such an uncomplicated game can have its own array of variations, with each one of them having its own unique features and characteristics that distinguish it from all the other.

This makes it crucial for all players of the game, may they be newbie ones or seasoned veterans, to be familiar with each variation as doing so will enable them to choose the right one for them and in doing so will also let them appreciate the game of baccarat in all of its forms and types.

This branching out of baccarat into different variations can be attributed to its long history as it traveled from country to country throughout the ages. Each of the countries that the game has landed upon tweaked with the game to suit that country's certain preferences which then gave birth to the different variations of baccarat that we know today.

Punto Banco

Foremost of the baccarat variations is the punto banco version. This type is played with four to six decks with each deck having no joker cards in them. The game is subdivided further into two types: the big table version and the mini table version.

Up to 14 players can play in the big table version and the game plays out with each of the players dealing and following the croupier's instructions. The mini table version, one the other hand, only allows players to choose among the three bets of the game.

Chemin de Fer

This variation of the game can be regarded as the one that is the most engaging among all of the other types since the players in it are the ones that shuffle and deal the cards. Cards are dealt face down in this version and only the biggest better can see the value of the cards. This is also the only version when one can take an additional card.

Baccarat Banque

This variation is very much like the preceding version with the main difference being the fact that one gambler will be the banker and the dealer for the entire deck that will be played. The rules are the same with Chermin de Fer version while the number of decks utilized in this type is the lowest among all the variations of the game.

These variations of baccarat will provide players the option as to what version of the game will they play that will be suitable to their preferences. This makes the game even more fun and appealing as everyone can play the game in their preferred way.