Baccarat vs. Blackjack; Who Gets It All?

There are only a few card games on this planet that can even be directly compared with each other. Luckily we have found these two card games that go by the name of Baccarat and Blackjack. These two games are often in the limelight of casino players and both carry a certain prestige and reputation to uplift. The question is now, which game gets it all, which game can truly be called the winner?

Interestingly both have a similar background that might even suggest that one derived from the other, but this will now be disproved, because Baccarat was invented earlier, somewhat in the 14th century in France or in Italy. People still fight over the origin of Baccarat, but Blackjack clearly originated in France and was invented sometime in the 17th century which was clearly later than Baccarat. In historical comparison, Baccarat is clearly the older game and thus the winner of the history challenge.

The next point of comparison is the game play. The goal of Blackjack is to reach a hand value of 21. You can place in a wager and increase it if you think you can hit the 21 or if your cards have a value closer to 21 than the dealer. In Baccarat the goal is to have the highest number below zero or ten. The card values are different and Baccarat also has different versions such as Punto Banco, or Chemin de Fer, which might confuse the player. The game play of Baccarat seems easy, but it comes with so many terms and special lingo, therefore the winner of this round is clearly Blackjack with its simplicity.

The third round is dedicated to popularity in both casinos and popular culture. This is clearly the toughest round because both Baccarat and Blackjack have been very popular games. Baccarat has had a guest appearance on two popular movies which were Rush Hour 3, although the character mistook Baccarat for Blackjack, and the other movie is the James Bond series, because Baccarat is James Bond's favorite game. Blackjack on the other hand has been part of many hundreds of movies like Casino, Leaving Las Vegas and so on. Blackjack even has its very own movie called 21 in which the whole story is about winning at Blackjack. Tons of books have also been written about Blackjack while Baccarat only holds a few of these literary works.

Now the question is who is the winner in Baccarat vs. Blackjack? In the history round, Baccarat clearly won, but when it comes to the game play and the popularity, Blackjack held the upper hand, so the winner is Blackjack.